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1. Rlogin – Wikipedia


Rlogin - Wikipedia

2. rlogin – the legacy remote login tool – SSH.com


rlogin – The rlogin (remote login) program was a tool for remotely using a computer over a network. It could be used to get a command-line on a remote computer.

3. rlogin – Simple English Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia


In computing, rlogin is a Unix program that allows users to log in on another host using a network. rlogin uses TCP port 513. It was first distributed as part of the …

4. rlogin(1): remote login – Linux man page


Rlogin starts a terminal session on a remote host host. The standard Berkeley rhosts authorization mechanism is used. The options are as follows: -8′ The -8 option …

5. rlogin — remote login – MKS Toolkit


The remote host must be running a rlogind service (or daemon) for rlogin to connect to. rlogin uses the standard rhosts authorization mechanism. When no user …

6. What is rlogin (remote login)? – Definition from WhatIs.com


Rlogin remote login is a UNIX command that allows an authorized user to login to other UNIX machines hosts on a network and to interact as if the user w…

7. rlogin – Remote Login – WhatIs.com – TechTarget


Mit rlogin ist eine Anmeldung auf entfernten UNIX Hosts möglich. Heutzutage setzt man aus Gründen der Security aber auf Tools wie ssh und scp.

8. rlogin linux command man page – Linux Commands


ssh (SSH client) is a program for logging into a remote machine and for executing commands on a remote machine. It is intended to replace rlogin and rsh, and …

9. rlogin Command


The rlogin command execs (using the exec command) the /usr/sbin/login file to validate a user. This 1) allows all user and device attributes to take effect on telnet …

10. Logging In to a Remote System (rlogin) (System …


The rlogin command enables you to log in to a remote system. After you are logged in, you can navigate through the remote file system and manipulate its …

11. Rlogin, RSH, and RCP – Networking Tutorial – SourceDaddy


The CompTIA Network tests you on rlogin, RSH and RCP. These are three oldschool programs in the UNIX world.

12. rlogin – Linux Man Pages Online – Hurricane Electric


RLOGIN(1) BSD General Commands Manual RLOGIN(1) NAME rlogin — remote login SYNOPSIS rlogin [-8EKLd] [-e char] [-i identity] [-l username] [-p port] host …

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